POCTA Regulations: Your feedback can truly help animals

POCTA Regulations: Your feedback can truly help animals

Throughout this page, there will be regular references to ‘POCTA’ which is an abbreviation for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Draft Regulations are now open for public feedback. By giving your thoughts on the regulations, you can have a real impact on the welfare and protection of animals in Victoria.

The POCTA Regulations ‘sit underneath’ the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and protect animals by preventing, or minimising, harm by regulating specific activities such as use of electronic and other devices, transportation of animals and use of fruit netting.

The POCTA Regulations will sunset on 15 December 2019 and new POCTA Regulations must be made by this date, which is why they are now open for public consultation. The draft regulations include some welcome changes – including the banning of certain cruel nets and pain relief during the mulesing of sheep.

Providing your feedback

Community members and stakeholders are encouraged to contribute their expertise and ideas on the draft proposed regulations and options. However, the documentation is long and somewhat confusing, so Andy’s team has broken it down for you with some tips on responses and feedback you could give.

Simply download our submissions here, read them and then fill in the form here, using our submissions as your own reference.

Animal Welfare Victoria will keep respondents informed throughout this process, including provision of a consultation report and an update when the new regulations have been finalised.


If you have any questions, send Andy’s team an email: enquiries@andymeddick.com.au