Make a submission to end duck shooting

Make a submission to end duck shooting

The Victorian Parliament is holding an inquiry into whether we are meeting obligations to protect Ramsar Wetlands in Victoria.


The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Significance is an international treaty that provides for the conservation of wetlands and their resources being used wisely. Its mission is “the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation” and its priority is wetlands that provide significant habitat for waterbirds.

Victoria has 11 Ramsar listed wetlands – and 16 state game reserves, where duck shooting takes place, are in Ramsar listed wetland sites.

One of the criteria for a wetland to become Ramsar listed is that they should regularly support over 20,000 waterbirds. Another is that they should be home to over 1% of the national population of at least one water bird species. All Victorian Ramsar wetlands meet both these criteria – they are home to so many unique and precious species of wildlife.

This parliamentary inquiry is a good opportunity to highlight that several decades ago, when our Ramsar wetlands were listed internationally, a key factor was their prolific waterbird populations. We must do all we can to protect them – and a major component of this is ending duck shooting on Ramsar listed sites.

How to make a submission:

You can lodge your submission on the Parliament of Victoria site here.

If you’d like to discussion your submission in more detail and appear in person before the inquiry, please state so in your submission so that you can be considered.

Some points you might like to raise are listed below.

Make a submission


Tips for making a submission:

  • Keep it polite and professional.
  • It is a contradiction that duck shooting is allowed at any Ramsar listed sites.
  • It could be considered a breach of the Ramsar Convention to allow duck shooting at these sites.
  • Shooting ducks for recreation does not contribute to wetland conservation nor is it a ‘wise use’ of these wetlands that support internationally significant numbers of native waterbirds.
  • Duck shooting must be banned at Ramsar listed wetlands to allow for real conservation and increase their accessibility to non-shooters who value and use these wetlands for pleasure and recreational activities.
  • Over the past 37 years, the numbers of waterbirds on the East Coast have crashed by over 90%. This year, very little to no breeding of ducks has been discovered.
  • There is a unique story to tell about the power of nature and its birdlife. Environmental flows to selected wetlands, including RAMSAR sites, could ensure a thriving tourism trade despite climatic conditions. However to do this, we must end duck shooting.


If you have any questions, send Andy’s team an email: enquiries@andymeddick.com.au

And here’s a reminder of how our pristine, unique wetlands should be all year round … 🙂