Horse racing: the year that was

8 November 2019

Since the early days of becoming an animal activist, as I moved into politics and now as a Victorian Member of Parliament for the Animal Justice Party, I have been a fierce advocate for racehorses and of highlighting the cruelty and greed of the racing industry. This year we’ve shone a public spotlight on this cruelty and greed like never before. Listen as I take you through the year that was for horse racing and everything I’m doing in Parliament to bring this cruelty to an end.

Meeting my team: Dr Tamasin Ramsay Research and Policy Adviser

5 December 2019

What a year it’s been, and I couldn’t have done it without my incredible team. Over the next few months I’ll be taking you behind the scenes and chatting with members of my team to give you a glimpse into the work that goes on in the lead up to introducing or amending a bill or motion. In this podcast I chat with Dr Tamasin Ramsay my Research and Policy Adviser. Tam who I often say “has a brain the size of a planet” does an incredible job in not only researching and providing advice on bills and motions relating to my key campaigns, but also in identifying opportunities to amend current and proposed legislation to result in positive changes to the lives of non-human animals. Tam is playing a critical role in evolving Victorian law to ensure non-human animals are viewed as sentient subjects, rather than objects.