Cat and Dog Meat


They’re our best friends and loyal companions, so you’d be forgiven for believing it’s an offence to eat cats and dogs in Victoria. But the reality is, the only state in Australia where the slaughter, consumption and sale of dog or cat meat is definitively prohibited is South Australia.


It’s a complex issue. The sale of cat and dog meat is prohibited in all states and territories under the various laws and regulations governing the production of meat, as they are not what is known as a ‘consumable animal’ under meat processing standards and codes.


However, while the sale of dog and cat meat is against the law, technically home production and consumption of the meat is not, creating a loophole where people can consume these animals provided they are not taking payment for the meat.

What I’m Doing

It’s no secret that I am a vegan politician. I believe all animals deserve, at the very least, to live a life free from pain and suffering. I know the experiences of a cow during slaughter are no different to that of a dog.


However, if there is a way that I can help any animal, regardless of species, I will take up that opportunity. I believe with your support, I can secure a clear and definitive ban on killing and consuming cats and dogs here in Victoria.


Not only will this help the cats and dogs that are suffering at the hands of an unscrupulous, underground trade – it will open up the conversation about the experiences of all animals killed for human consumption.

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