Nobody should suffer in the name of fashion. Yet animals in the fur trade are factory farmed in cages or painfully trapped in the wild – then killed by drowning, gassing, anal/vaginal electrocution, bludegoning and even skinned alive.

Fur labelling deception

As well as extreme animal cruelty, the fur industry is rife with deceptive and incorrect labelling to fool consumers into thinking what they are buying is ethical.


At the end of 2019, a joint investigation by the Animal Justice Party and Four Paws revealed that iconic Melbourne markets were selling real raccoon dog fur labelled as faux. It made front page news across the country, thrusting fur cruelty into the spotlight.

My fur motion passed!
Following our investigation, in parliament I called for a fur taskforce and for an urgent investigation into the illegal labelling of fur products – and won. The Victorian Government has committed to working with me on ending fur cruelty, starting with an investigation to determine how widespread illegal fur labelling is across Victoria.

I am pushing for a complete ban on all fur products in Victoria. Ethical and legislative changes are occurring globally. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, West Hollywood and California have recently stopped the import and sale of fur. Victoria can do it too! I just need your help.