Animal Justice Party MP calls for moratorium on wildlife culling following millions of deaths in bushfires

Wednesday 8 January 2020


Animal Justice Party MP for Western Victoria, Andy Meddick, is calling on the Victorian Government to halt all forms of wildlife slaughter, following the catastrophic impact the bushfire crisis has had on native animals and biodiversity.


A moratorium is vital to help Victoria’s wildlife to recover from the bushfire crisis – and would include an immediate cessation to recreational duck shooting, the culling of kangaroos and the shooting of wombats.


The loss of wildlife in Australia’s fires has been monstrous – with estimates that half a billion native animals have perished, and many more likely to succumb to their injuries or require euthanasia.


According to Meddick, it’s only common sense to call a moratorium on all activities that involve killing wildlife until a full fire impact assessment has taken place for Victoria’s wildlife.


Quotes attributable to Andy Meddick MP:


“Wildlife that have survived these unbelievable bushfires are still under threat of being gunned down in Victoria – for both profit and recreation. That’s why in the midst of Victoria’s bushfire crisis, I’m calling for a moratorium on the duck shooting season, a cessation of permits to cull kangaroos and an end to wombat shooting while these animals are fighting for their lives across the state.”


“The outpouring of support from across the world is a testament to how much our precious wildlife is valued. Yet, the impact of allowing wildlife slaughter to continue could be catastrophic – potentially putting whole species at risk of extinction. ”


“Following unprecedented bushfires, much of our iconic wildlife is living on borrowed time. We must focus on their conservation – not allow their destruction. And if we don’t do it now, they could be gone for good.”


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