Establishing a fur task force and an urgent investigation into illegal fur labelling.

Successful motion calling for an investigation into illegal fur labelling.

Moving a motion to recognise World AIDS Day in the Victorian Parliament.

Speaking on the workplace manslaughter law bill.

Asking the Environment Minister to ‘stop the drop’ and ensure Victoria’s 1080 aerial baiting license is not renewed.

Speaking on greyhound racing live baiting.

Speaking on laws passed that allow the government to pursue builders using dangerous combustible cladding.

Daniel Andrews can increase tourism by banning duck shooting.

Asking the Victorian Racing Minister to support my call for a Royal Commission into the horse racing industry

Survey shows that waterbird populations are devastated across Eastern Australia

Calling on the Environment Minister to meet wombat carers

Voting in support of an urgent extinction inquiry

Speaking on the government’s bill to improve superannuation for emergency services workers

Bringing an end to commercial fishing in the Gippsland Lakes

Asking the Health Minister why processed meat is still being served in hospitals

Asking the Minister what is being done to prevent rehabilitated joeys becoming targets of shooters

Speaking against the ag-gag bill introduced by a member of the crossbench

Thanking some of my parliamentary colleagues for touring Edgar’s Mission as part of the inquiry into animal activism

Second reading of my bill to ban duck shooting

Making The Eden Project a reality

Asking for an end to rabbit factory farming

Helping a plant-based protein factory in my electorate

Leading a parliamentary debate on the future of duck shooting

Winter 2019 break recap

Motion to cancel the 2020 duck shooting season

Sex work is real work

Wildlife suffocated for a car park

Why I support Birth Certificate Reform

It’s time to make wombats fully protected

Duck shooting hinders nature-based tourism

Inviting the Environment Minister to learn about wombat mange

Duck shooting and public safety don’t mix

Delivering donation to Surf Coast Animal Rescue

Rehabilitated native waterbird released at Western Victoria wetland

Inquiry into animal activism

Securing $500,000 for Wildlife Victoria

Asking for a ban on nets that cause bats to suffer

Two kangaroos illegally shot with bows

Take lambs off your plate

Calling for a fur ban in Victoria

Fire Services Reform speech

Asking the Ag Minister for plant-based meat production incentives

Asking the Racing Minister to end jumps racing

Homelessness motion

It’s time to get rid of sow stalls

The importance of IDAHOBIT

Live Animal Export Rally April 2019

Introducing a bill to Ban Duck Shooting

Volunteers are doing the work of the GMA

Will the department let the public know which waterways wont have guns being fired? 7 March 2019

Request to move racehorses from Levy’s Beach Warrnambool

Dropping 1080 poison sausages to kill cats


Kangaroo Meat Trial

Andy requests funding for Wildlife Victoria

Will the department tell the public which waterways are free from gun fire?

Andy acknowledges International Women’s Day

Andy asks the Agriculture Minister to close wetlands home to threatened and endangered species

Andy Meddick MP Maiden Speech