It’s illegal to beat an animal under current cruelty laws… unless you are a jockey.  Racing Victoria recently declared that the current national whip rules are no longer appropriate, and that whip reform is vital for the future of the sport.  Extensive research from University of Sydney and University of South Australia has revealed no evidence that whips improve performance times in horse racing or that they make racing safer or fairer for jockeys.  A 2012 study found also that whip rules are difficult to mandate and fines are meaningless compared to the prize money awarded to jockeys.  Current whip rules permit horses to be struck up to five times during a race until the final 100m where the use of the whip is unlimited.  Many jockeys fail to adhere to current whip rules but those who do are often exempted.  For example, jockeys who exceed five strikes can have their fine revoked if they then abstain from whipping consecutively in the last 100m of the race.


My whip motion passed!

With government support, my motion calling for action on the whip in Victorian horse racing has passed.  The whip can’t be banned at a state level. Ultimately, it is up to Racing Australia. And this sends a clear message from our politicians about what we think they should do.  The whip is cruel. It is outdated. It causes pain and suffering – and has been banned in other countries as a result.  Now today, we’ve finally taken a step towards doing the same here.  Sign our petition to show your support.
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